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about us

Stratodesign is a workgroup founded in 2009 by Roberto and Sebastiano, who have been studiyng and working together since 2001.

The team is oriented to industrial design, with a perspective focused on the user needs and based on simplicity and functionality.

Stratodesign delivers innovative projects with the right balance between research and creativity.

Thanks to the strong technical and artistic skills that Stratodesign has developed as a support to its design process, the team delivers also high quality visual graphics and illustration. Read more



Re:design Positively

Recycled bin concept



Logo design



Logo design and website layout



Cover and adv for the top seller game


FlexCity Hybrid Bus

Vehicle concept

Absool Medica

Absool Medica

Injection pin brochure

School concepts

School Concepts in Emirates

Visualization of architectures in UAE

3D Superstars

Superstars V8 2010

Cover image for the game

fast ferry

Fast ferry

Superstructure arrangement and design

Maybelline Stiletto

Maybelline Stiletto

Exhibit design

New Downtown West Cairo

New Downtown West Cairo

Gregotti Associati International

Maybelline Colossal

Maybelline Colossal

Exhibit design

Loos Coffee Cup

Loos Cup

Stackable coffee cup

bath soap

Bath Soap

Design and visualization

Piezoelectric remote control

Remote Control

Piezoelectric remote control

UBI Banca meeting stage

UBI Banca Meeting

Design of the stage.

Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica, Milano

MNST Milan

Architectural visualization

3D Superstars

Superstars '09

Visualization for Superstars '09.

flyer Triennale

Flyer Triennale

Salone del Mobile 2007

SBK09 adv

SBK '09

Adv for SBK '09

R+L Catalog render

Render for R+L Catalog

Environment for the display of R+L lamps

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Feel free to drop us a line using the form on the right or directly with your e-mail client at info@stratodesign.com. We'll answer you sooner than you expect!

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